Dawnsvale Fishery

Dawnsvale Fishery in Essex is a tranquil fishing spot nestled in nature with a lake surrounded by trees.

Visitors can enjoy fishing and picnicking with available amenities like picnic tables and a portaloo.

Conservation efforts are in place to protect eel populations, and the fishery offers a serene and picturesque setting for fishing enthusiasts.

Dawnsvale Fishery

Dawnsvale Fishery, Dunmow Road, Rayne, Essex, CM7 4AH

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Dawnsvale Fishery

About Dawnsvale Fishery

Dawnsvale Fishery in Essex is a peaceful and rural fishing spot set on approximately 2.5 acres of land. It is hidden from the road, so you have to drive across 5 acres to reach it. The lake is surrounded by trees, providing plenty of shelter and a picturesque setting. There are picnic tables and a portaloo available for visitors. If you want to fish for eels, you will need to ask for permission as the waters are being preserved due to a decline in eel populations. The lake is 24 feet deep at its lowest point. There is ample parking space at the fishery, and a shop selling hot and cold drinks and food is located about half a mile away.

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