Nunnery Lake

Nunnery Lake in Essex, developed by a club over 40 years, features large carp and tench in the main lake, with restocked smaller fish like roach and perch.

Popular for pike fishing, it boasts big catches like carp up to 28lbs.

The nearby River Blackwater offers diverse fish species, best fished in winter.

Nunnery Lake

Nunnery Lake, Essex, CM7 9XX, United Kingdom

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Nunnery Lake

About Nunnery Lake

Nunnery Lake in Essex has been developed by the club for the past 40 years. They purchased the land in the 1980s and have since created a second lake by excavating a swamp area. The lakes sometimes flood from the nearby River Blackwater.

The main lake is known for its large carp and tench. The club has recently restocked the lake with smaller fish like roach, bream, rudd, and perch. They have also added stillwater chub. This is a popular spot for pike fishing.

The largest fish you can catch here are carp weighing up to 28lbs, tench up to 10lbs, pike up to 15lbs, perch up to 3lbs, and bream up to 6lbs. The lake’s edges are flat and solid, with a short walk from the car park.

The River Blackwater runs alongside the lakes and is home to dace, chub, roach, bream, perch, pike, and carp. The largest chub you can catch here weigh around 3lbs, and roach around 1.5lbs.

The riverbank is a bit of a distance from the car park, on the opposite side of the lakes. The fishing is best in winter when the banks are in good condition.

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