Birds Green Fishing Lakes

Birds Green Fishing Lakes in Essex offers three lakes for fishing: Top Lake with carp up to 30lbs, Bottom Lake with carp averaging 11lbs along with roach and tench, and Bridge Lake ideal for match and pleasure fishing with various fish species.

The site provides ample parking, day and night fishing tickets, a café serving food and drinks, and 24-hour on-site Bailiffs for assistance.

Birds Green Fishing Lakes

Birds Green Fishing Lakes, Birds Green, Willingale, Ongar, Essex, CM5 0FL

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Birds Green Fishing LakesBirds Green Fishing LakesBirds Green Fishing Lakes

About Birds Green Fishing Lakes

Birds Green Fishing Lakes in Essex has three lakes for fishing; Top Lake, Bottom Lake, and Bridge Lake.

Top Lake is about 2 acres in size and has an average depth of 6 feet. It has carp weighing up to 30lbs, with an average of 15lbs.

Bottom Lake has a lot of carp averaging around 11lbs, and you can also catch roach and tench here.

Bridge Lake is great for match and pleasure fishing. It has plenty of carp, tench, roach, rudd, and perch.

There is plenty of parking near the lakes for easy access. You can buy day and night fishing tickets at the Bankside Café or from the Bailiff. Night fishing is only allowed for members who have arranged it in advance.

The Bankside Café is open every morning from 8 am to 10 am, and on weekends from 8 am to 2 pm. They serve food and drinks, which can be delivered to your fishing spot. You can also arrange to have meals outside of these hours. They have a BBQ available on Bank Holidays.

There are Bailiffs on-site 24 hours a day to help with any questions or concerns.

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