Pea Lane

Pea Lane lake in Essex was transformed by Becmain Angling Society into a popular fishing spot after being a gravel pit for the M25 highway.

The lake now houses various fish species like Bream, Carp, Tench, Perch, and Roach.

Accessing the fishery involves navigating through specific roads and finding designated parking.

Pea Lane

Pea Lane, Upminster, Essex, RM14 2XB

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Pea LanePea LanePea Lane

About Pea Lane

Pea Lane lake in Essex was taken over by Becmain Angling Society in 1989. Originally, it was a gravel pit used for building the nearby M25 highway. After some work by Becmain, including adding fishing spots, planting trees, and stocking the lake with fish, it became a great fishing spot.

Now, the lake is home to Bream up to 12lb, Carp up to 28lb, Tench up to 10lb, Perch up to 4lb, and Roach up to 2lb. If you want to see pictures of the fish caught at Pea Lane recently, check out the gallery.

To get to Pea Lane Fishery in Upminster, Essex, you can turn onto Pea Lane from Ockendon Road. Follow Pea Lane to the end, where you will reach a junction. Look for a gate across from the junction with two brick pillars with eagles on top. Go through the gate (open during the day) and drive straight to the end. There is another gate on your right that leads to the car park.

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