Stoathall Fishponds

Walkerwood reservoir in Lancashire is a picturesque fishing location surrounded by moorland, heather, and diverse wildlife.

It is home to various animals like pheasants, badgers, and kestrels.

The 27-acre reservoir in Stalybridge, Cheshire, offers excellent opportunities to catch rainbow and brown trout, making it a perfect spot for fishing enthusiasts.

Stoathall Fishponds

Stoathall Fishponds, Lancashire, SK15 3AQ

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Stoathall Fishponds

About Stoathall Fishponds

Walkerwood reservoir is a beautiful fishing spot in Lancashire. It is surrounded by moorland with heather and is home to many animals like pheasants, partridges, badgers, kestrels, and sparrowhawks. If you go early in the morning, you might see a heron fishing or a stoat by the water. The reservoir is 27 acres and is great for catching strong rainbow and brown trout. It is located in Stalybridge, Cheshire.