Linear Fisheries

Linear Fisheries in the UK offers top carp fishing experiences with a focus on safety, sustainability, and enjoyment.

Their team is dedicated to providing excellent day-ticket and syndicate waters, as well as a well-stocked tackle shop.

Children can fish for free under certain conditions, and the fishery maintains strict rules to ensure a positive experience for all anglers.

Linear Fisheries

Linear Fisheries, Oxford Road, Stanton Harcourt, Witney, Oxfordshire OX29 5BB, United Kingdom

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About Linear Fisheries

Welcome to Linear Fisheries – a top destination for carp fishing in the UK. Our mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable angling experience, while also managing the environment sustainably. Our team is passionate about fishing and dedicated to offering the best day-ticket and syndicate waters in the country.

We also have a well-stocked fishing tackle and convenience store called ‘Linear Bait & Tackle’. You can find more information about our shop on our website.

Our website provides all the information you need to start fishing at our waters in Oxfordshire. You can find photos of the fish caught at our lakes, along with our rules and other useful information for your trip. We also offer a free brochure and a New Fishery DVD for more information.

Children under 16 can fish for free on our day ticket waters when accompanied by a paying adult during school holidays and weekends. It’s important to familiarize yourself with our fishery rules to ensure a pleasant visit.

Linear has stock ponds where we grow carp from fry to over 30lb. We regularly stock our lakes with these carp to ensure a good fishing experience for anglers. Our day ticket waters include Brasenose One, Brasenose Two, Hardwick Lake, Smiths Pool, Hunts Corner Lake, Hunts Corner Pond, Manor Farm Lake, Oxlease Lake, One Summer Pond, and St Johns Lake.

We also have syndicate waters including Gaunts Lake, Unity Lake, and Yeomans Lake. These waters are part of the Guy Lakes Carp Syndicate and offer exclusive fishing experiences for members.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for rule violations such as littering, unattended rods, and aggressive behavior towards staff. It’s important to follow our rules to ensure a pleasant fishing experience for everyone.

Day tickets are available on the bankside from our bailiffs, and you can start fishing when you arrive. We do not take bookings for swims, so it’s first-come, first-served. Access to some waters may be restricted at night, so it’s essential to plan your fishing accordingly.

Overall, Linear Fisheries is committed to providing a top-quality fishing experience for anglers of all levels. We hope you enjoy your visit and good luck fishing.