Stephen’s pond

Stephen’s pond in Cumbria is a popular fly fishing spot offering various lakes with different fishing experiences.

The lakes are stocked with Rainbow and blue trout from Bessy Beck.

Heron lake allows anglers to catch and cook their own trout, while Mallard lake is ideal for beginners and Island lake caters to experienced fly fishers with trout of varying sizes.

Stephen’s pond

Stephen's Pond, Cumbria, CA17 4LY, United Kingdom

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Stephen’s pondStephen’s pond

About Stephen’s pond

Stephen’s pond in Cumbria has been around for a while and is great for fly fishing. The lakes have a lot of different flies for fishing and are good for any type of fly fishing. They get their fish from a place called Bessy Beck and have Rainbow and blue trout. At the Heron lake, you can rent equipment and catch your own trout to eat. The Heron lake is catch and kill only. The Mallard lake is good for beginners to fly fishing. The Island lake has trout ranging from 2.5lb to 15lb and is for more experienced fly fishers.