Moss Eccles Tarn

Moss Eccles Tarn in Cumbria, owned by the National Trust, is a scenic lake popular for fishing.

Accessible from Tower Bank Arms in Far Sawrey, it offers a serene natural setting.

Managed by WADAA, the tarn is stocked with brown trout, offering a picturesque fishing experience from March to June.

Moss Eccles Tarn

Moss Eccles Tarn, Near Near Sawrey, Ambleside, Cumbria LA22 0JT, United Kingdom

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Moss Eccles Tarn

About Moss Eccles Tarn

Moss Eccles Tarn in Cumbria is a beautiful five-acre lake owned by the National Trust and is a special place for nature. You can reach the tarn by going to the Tower Bank Arms in Far Sawrey, near Hawkshead.

There is only a little bit of parking available in Sawrey village, so it’s best not to drive up to the tarn. Moss Eccles is a fishing spot managed by WADAA, where they release a lot of good-sized brown trout each year. The best time to fish is from March to June, and the trout like imitating flies. In the summer, fishing is better in the early morning or late evening when it’s cooler. On weekends and in July and August, there may be a lot of people walking their dogs or kids around the tarn.

You can only fish with a fly and catch two fish a day. It’s best to let the fish go after catching them, and the tarn is open from March 15th to September 30th. After a day of fishing, you can enjoy a nice meal and a drink at the Tower Bank Arms.