Whins Pond

Whins Pond in Cumbria is a renowned fishing spot offering two sections for coarse fishing, abundant with various species like tench, bream, carp, and roach.

The lake’s features, comfortable pegs, and diverse fishing methods make it popular among anglers.

Fishing matches are held, and permits can be obtained on-site.

Whins Pond

Whins Pond, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8RP

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Whins Pond

About Whins Pond

Whins Pond in Cumbria near Penrith is a popular fishing spot for all types of anglers. The lake is divided into two sections by a net, with the coarse fishing section covering about 8 acres and offering 30 pegs. This section is stocked with tench, bream, carp, and roach, with some fish reaching impressive sizes like 14lb bream and 20lb+ carp.

The lake is full of features like overhanging trees and water lily beds, and each peg has a comfortable platform for fishing. Small roach can be a bit annoying when using maggot bait, so it’s best to use caster or chopped worm to catch the bigger fish. Tench and bream are often caught with sweetcorn, and feeder fishing is popular as well. However, using a pole is usually the most effective method due to the depth of the water beyond 4 meters.

Whins Pond also hosts fishing matches and allows for bookings. Permits can be purchased on site.