Hampstead Heath Boating Pond

Hampstead Heath has 18 ponds for various activities like swimming, ice skating, model boating, and fishing.

Popular on hot days, the ponds have different rules and permit requirements.

From swimming to fishing, the ponds offer diverse recreational opportunities in a scenic natural environment.

Hampstead Heath Boating Pond

Hampstead Heath Boating Pond, East Heath Road, London NW3 2RT, United Kingdom

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Hampstead Heath Boating PondHampstead Heath Boating Pond

About Hampstead Heath Boating Pond

In Hampstead Heath, there are 18 ponds that are used for different activities. Some ponds are for swimming, like the ladies’, men’s, and mixed swimming ponds. These ponds are popular on hot days and get really busy, so it’s best to go early to find a spot.

The ponds are also used for ice skating in the winter, model boating, and fishing. Each pond has its own rules, so make sure to follow them and get any permits needed for fishing.

Whether you want to swim, skate, or fish, the ponds at Hampstead Heath offer a variety of fun things to do in a beautiful natural setting.