The Dell

The Dell at Dell London is a picturesque lake that was created for irrigation purposes and now accommodates 60 fishing enthusiasts.

The lake boasts various features, including different depths and bars, with around 200 carp, including sizable fish up to 45 pounds.

High-quality facilities and equipment are provided to ensure the well-being of the fish, with an on-site bailiff available for assistance.

The Dell

The Dell, 56 Stonehouse Lane, Rainham, London RM13 9EJ, United Kingdom.

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The DellThe DellThe Dell

About The Dell

Introducing The Dell at Dell London, our newest addition to the complex. This beautiful lake was dug out in 2005/2006 to help nearby farmers with irrigation. It has since matured and now caters to 60 keen anglers.

The lake is a great size with different features like bars and depths ranging from 2 to 18 feet. There are 20 comfy swims for anglers to enjoy.

The Dell is home to around 200 carp, including many twenties and over 30 thirties. The biggest catch so far is a 39-pound common carp. There are also two forties, with the record being a 45-pound and 5-ounce fish. Some smaller fish over 10 pounds have grown since they were born three years ago.

Our facilities are top-notch. You can enter the lake through electric gates without leaving your car. There is a spacious car park for members. The lodge has a 5-star kitchen with a fridge and freezer. There are two cubicles with electric showers, a flush toilet, and fresh running water.

To keep our fish healthy, we provide landing nets, unhooking mats, and weigh slings to each angler. This helps prevent any diseases from spreading in the lake.

We have an on-site bailiff to help with any questions or concerns you may have while fishing at The Dell.