Farlows Lake

Farlows Lake in London is a renowned Carp fishing destination with its dark, scaley Carp, including ‘the Pretty one’ weighing over 42lbs.

The complex features three lakes offering a variety of fish species, with Lake 2 known for its abundant and easy-to-catch Carp.

Additionally, sections of the Colnbrook River and Grand Union Canal provide diverse fishing opportunities.

Farlows Lake

Farlows Lake,ford lane, Iver, SL0 9LL, United Kingdom

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Farlows LakeFarlows Lake

About Farlows Lake

Farlows Lake in London has a long history of Carp fishing and is known for its dark and scaley specimen Carp. The goal is to become the top day ticket Carp fishery in the UK, providing anglers with a unique and excellent fishing experience.

The main lake, Lake 1, is 25 acres with around 1200 Carp. The average weight is 17-22lbs, with over 35 Carp weighing over 30lbs. The largest Carp, ‘the Pretty one’, can reach over 42lbs. In 2013, 20 Leney/Dink strain Carp were stocked, expected to grow around 5lbs per year.

Lake 2 is a leisure water with plenty of action and naive Carp that are easy to catch. It also holds Pike, Perch, Roach, Bream, Tench, and Eels. Lake 3 is a smaller lake with Carp up to 8lbs.

The complex also includes sections of the Colnbrook River and the Grand Union Canal, which offer a variety of fish to target. Babrbel up to 15lbs and Chub up to 6lbs have been caught in the river. The canal has Carp up to 30lbs and provides great sport for leisure anglers.