Thorncross Farm

Thorncross Farm in Herefordshire offers three well-stocked fishing lakes near Andover, easily accessible from the A303.

The lakes are well-maintained and provide a peaceful fishing experience.

The middle lake features a 29 lb Ghostie carp, while the other lakes offer various fish species, including common carp, Tench, Bream, and Rudd.

Thorncross Farm

Thorncross Farm, Thruxton, Andover, Hampshire, SP11 6QW

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Thorncross Farm

About Thorncross Farm

Thorncross Farm in Herefordshire is a lovely fishing spot with three lakes that are well-stocked with fish. It’s located in Longparish, near Andover, and is only five minutes away from the A303. The lakes are kept in great condition by the people who run them, and you can fish close to other anglers without feeling crowded.

The middle lake has a Ghostie carp that weighs up to 29 lb, and the other lakes have plenty of doubles as well. The right hand lake has Tench, Bream, and Rudd, while the left hand lake is less crowded but has good-sized common carp swimming near the surface.

Overall, Thorncross Farm is a peaceful and well-maintained fishing spot that is perfect for anglers looking for a relaxing day by the water.