Pixley Pool

Pixley Pools Fishery near Ledbury offers two separate pools, Pixley and Glebe, for Carp fishing.

Pixley pool is suitable for casual fishing and matches, hosting Mirror and Common Carp up to mid-20s in weight.

Glebe pool, opened in 2012, features younger Common Carp averaging around 5lbs with potential to grow.

Pixley Pool

Pixley Pool, Pixley, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2QD

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Pixley Pool

About Pixley Pool

Pixley Pools Fishery is a Carp fishing spot near Ledbury. There are two separate pools, Pixley pool and Glebe pool, located half a mile apart. Both pools have Mirror and Common Carp.

Pixley pool is great for both casual fishing and matches. You can find common carp ranging from 8lbs to mid-20s, as well as some mirror carp.

Glebe pool is similar to Pixley pool and opened in May 2012. It has common carp that are around 5lbs on average, but some can reach 10lbs. The fish are still young since the pool is relatively new for fishing.