Stargate Pools

Stargate Pond in Tyne and Wear is a diverse fishing spot covering 2 acres, attracting anglers of all levels.

It offers a challenge with big carp, as well as a mix of power and finesse with tench, bream, and chub.

Smaller fish like roach, rudd, and perch are plentiful, while predator fishing for pike and eels is also an option due to the pond’s varied environment.

Stargate Pools

Stargate Pools, Unit 5, Clockmill Road Industrial Estate, Clockmill Road, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE21 4QG, United Kingdom

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Stargate PoolsStargate Pools

About Stargate Pools

Stargate Pond in Tyne and Wear is a popular fishing spot that covers about 2 acres. It has a lot of different types of fish that attract anglers of all skill levels. You can find big carp that weigh over 25lb, which is a great challenge for people who love to catch carp. There are also tench, bream, and chub that are over 6lb in weight, providing a mix of power and finesse for anglers.

If you’re interested in catching smaller fish, there are plenty of roach, rudd, and perch to keep you busy. These fish are lively and respond well to different baits and techniques. For those who like predator fishing, there are pike weighing over 19lb and eels over 5lb in the pond.

Stargate Pond has gravel and silt bars, as well as different depths, making it an interesting place to fish. It’s a dynamic environment where you can enjoy catching a variety of fish.