Alvingham Fishing Lakes

Alvingham Fishing Lakes in Lincolnshire offers two lakes for anglers: Grass Lake for big fish like carp and Monkey Lake for a variety of species.

The lakes have undergone improvements since being purchased in 2015, providing a pleasant fishing experience for visitors.

Alvingham Fishing Lakes

Alvingham Fishing Lakes, Alvingham, Louth, Lincolnshire, LN11 7EU

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Alvingham Fishing LakesAlvingham Fishing Lakes

About Alvingham Fishing Lakes

Welcome to Alvingham Fishing Lakes in Lincolnshire. We bought the lakes in 2015 and have made improvements for anglers and fish.

The Grass Lake is for big fish like Mirror carp and common carp up to 20 lbs. There are also Roach, Rudd, tench, eels, and golden tench. The biggest grass carp is called Nelson and it’s a challenge to catch. No keep nets allowed.

The Monkey Lake has 23 pegs and is great for anglers who like to catch a lot. It’s full of Roach, Rudd, tench, carp, eels, and goldfish. The biggest carp are around 18 lbs.