Joshs cannabis factory lake

Josh’s cannabis factory is located near Winslow in Buckinghamshire, on the grounds of Claydon House by a lake known for its catfish.

Anglers can catch various fish at the lake, including carp and bream.

The top lake also offers fishing opportunities for tench, bream, carp, roach, and rudd.

Night fishing is not permitted, and anglers must park off-site and walk to the lake.

Joshs cannabis factory lake

Josh's Cannabis Factory Lake, Buckinghamshire, MK18 2EY, United Kingdom

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Joshs cannabis factory lake

About Joshs cannabis factory lake

Josh’s cannabis factory is located in Buckinghamshire, near Winslow. The factory is situated in the grounds of Claydon House, by Joshs lake. The lake is well known for its catfish, which were originally stocked in the 1950s from Woburn Estate. The catfish in the lake can reach up to 39lb and many anglers have caught their first catfish here. In addition to catfish, the lake also has a large population of carp, with fish up to 28lb being caught. The average carp is usually smaller, making it a great spot for novice anglers. There are also bream and a few zander in the lake.

The top lake, located near Calvert Road, has a variety of fish including tench, bream, and carp, as well as roach and rudd. The lake has recently been cleared of weeds to create new fishing spots. Night fishing is not allowed at Claydon, and anglers must leave by the designated times. Parking is available in a gravel layby on Calvert Road, and anglers must not park in the grounds of Claydon House. The lake is a long walk from the parking area, so it’s best to travel light or use a barrow. The factory is cannabis-friendly, and anglers can use a dab rig for Cali extracts.