Grand Union Canal Section ‘A’

Fishing is permitted along the Grand Union Canal from Red House in Aston Clinton to Marsworth, with day and guest tickets available for purchase.

The canal offers accessible areas for disabled anglers and a variety of fish species can be found in different sections, providing good fishing opportunities.

Various parking locations are available along the canal for convenience.

Grand Union Canal Section ‘A’

Grand Union Canal Section 'A', Buckinghamshire, HP20 1, United Kingdom

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Grand Union Canal Section ‘A’

About Grand Union Canal Section ‘A’

Fishing is allowed along the Grand Union Canal from Red House in Aston Clinton to Marsworth. Day and guest tickets are available for purchase. The canal is accessible for pedestrians and most areas can be used by disabled anglers. Wilstone has designated pegs and parking for disabled anglers near the water.

In Aston Clinton, you can find large common bream near Buckland and roach and tench to the right of the bridge on the towpath. The boat channel has bigger fish, but the inside line can also be productive. Carp, chub, and other fish are abundant in this area, including a small pond with rudd, tench, and carp. The section near Puttenham is popular for fishing.

The stretch from Puttenham to Wilstone is long with limited access points, but it offers great fishing opportunities. Carp up to twenty pounds and other fish like chub, bream, perch, and roach can be found here. Despite some featureless areas, there are plenty of fish to catch.

Access to Wilstone to Dixons Gap can be gained from Wilstone village bridge or Dixons Gap bridge. Parking is available for members in the field at Dixons Gap. This area has a variety of silver fish, carp, tench, chub, roach, gudgeon, skimmer bream, and perch.

Dixons Gap to Marsworth is a less crowded area with chub, carp, tench, roach, and skimmer bream. There are good fishing opportunities here, especially in the warmer months. The canal is known for breaking anglers’ poles, so be cautious.

Car parking is available at various locations along the canal, including Marsworth, Dixons Gap, Wilstone village green, Puttenham, and Buckland in Aston Clinton.