Godwins Pool

Thorney Pool in Buckinghamshire, a once-popular fishing destination, was closed due to oil pollution but has since been reopened and restocked with Carp and silver fish by the Environment Agency.

It is a beloved spot for young anglers and beginners, offering a variety of fishing opportunities for bream and tench.

Access to the lake is through locked gates with parking available, and shared toilet facilities with Rodney Meadow.

Godwins Pool

Godwins Pool, Buckinghamshire, SL0 9, United Kingdom

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Godwins Pool

About Godwins Pool

Thorney Pool in Buckinghamshire was a popular fishing spot before it had to be closed due to oil pollution. However, in 2008, the Environment Agency made sure everything was safe and the lake was restocked with Carp and silver fish. Now, there are Carp in the lake that are over 30lb.

Thorney Pool has always been a favorite among young anglers and is a great place for beginners. The lake has gravel bars, a small bay, reed beds, and a small island that is a good fishing spot. It is known for bream and tench fishing, with bream weighing up to 10lb and tench up to 8lb.

To access the lake, you will need to enter through locked gates and there is parking behind some of the fishing spots. The toilet facilities are shared with Rodney Meadow.