Coppermill Stream

Cargill Lake in Buckinghamshire offers year-round fishing in an eleven-acre spot with the opportunity to fish with two rods or three for an additional charge.

Night fishing is allowed, with restrictions on bait boats, and access to the lake and car park require a combination number.

The area is known for its rare bird species and challenging but rewarding fishing opportunities for carp, pike, tench, and bream.

Coppermill Stream

Coppermill Stream, Buckinghamshire, TW19 5NW, United Kingdom

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Coppermill Stream

About Coppermill Stream

Cargill Lake in Buckinghamshire is an eleven-acre fishing spot that is open all year round. You can fish with two rods, but if you want to use a third rod, there is an extra charge of £35.00. You are allowed to fish at night. However, you cannot use bait boats or any other type of boat, except for fishery management purposes. The car park and lake are locked, so you will need a combination number to access them. The car park entrance is located on the north side of the station, and you can reach Cargill Lake by walking downstream of the river and crossing over a footbridge.

Cargill Lake is known for its variety of rare birds that inhabit the area. It is quite deep, with a main bar as the main feature. The river Colnebrook runs behind the lake, and some anglers fish there if they are not having luck on the lake. This is not an easy place to fish, but it is home to some large, rare carp that are rarely caught. Winter pike fishing is popular, and you can catch them using dead baits in the margins. There are also good-sized tench and bream for those who enjoy fishing for them. There are twenty-one numbered swims for anglers to choose from.