Hawkhurst Fish Farm

Hawkhurst Fish Farm in Kent offers four lakes for fishing enthusiasts to catch big carp, coarse fish, and catfish in a tranquil setting on the Kent-Sussex border.

Each lake has different fish species, providing options for both challenge-seeking and leisurely fishing.

The site also features scenic gardens, wildlife, a café, and amenities, making it an attractive destination year-round for fishing excursions.

Hawkhurst Fish Farm

Hawkhurst Fish Farm, Highgate Hill, Hawkhurst, Kent, TN18 4RT

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Hawkhurst Fish FarmHawkhurst Fish Farm

About Hawkhurst Fish Farm

Hawkhurst Fish Farm in Kent is a great place for people who love fishing. It has four lakes where you can catch big carp, coarse fish, and catfish. It’s a quiet and peaceful spot on the border of Kent and Sussex.

There are different types of fish in each lake, so whether you’re looking for a challenge or just want to relax and enjoy fishing, there’s something for everyone. The lakes are surrounded by beautiful gardens and waterfalls, and you might even spot some wildlife like ducks, swans, and kingfishers.

There’s a café overlooking the main lake where you can grab a bite to eat, and you’ll also find showers, toilets, and a tackle shop on site. Hawkhurst Fish Farm is a lovely place to visit, especially in the spring when the flowers are blooming and the fish are active.

Overall, it’s a great spot for a fishing trip, no matter what time of year it is. So why not treat yourself to a day out at Hawkhurst Fish Farm?