Darenth Big Lake Ltd

Warren Farrance introduces Darenth Big Lake in the UK, a top Carp fishery with 40 swims across 14.5 acres.

The lake boasts 310 fish, including impressive species like Mirror Carp, Leather Carp, Common Carp, Ghost Carp, and Catfish.

It also offers roach, Bream, tench, and pike, catering to both seasoned anglers and those seeking a peaceful fishing experience.

Darenth Big Lake Ltd

Darenth Big Lake Ltd, Darenth Rd, Dartford DA2 7QR, United Kingdom

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Darenth Big Lake LtdDarenth Big Lake Ltd

About Darenth Big Lake Ltd

Welcome to Darenth Big Lake, a top Carp fishery in the UK. My name is Warren Farrance and I’ve been fishing here since I was fourteen. The lake has 40 swims spread across 14.5 acres and is home to 310 fish, including some big ones like a 57lbs Mirror Carp, a 56lbs Leather Carp, a 43lbs Common Carp, and a 37lbs Ghost Carp. There are also Catfish, with the record being 101lbs. You can also find quality roach, Bream, tench, and pike. Whether you’re an experienced Carp angler or just looking for a relaxing fishing spot, Darenth Big Lake has something for everyone.