Darenth Fishing Complex

Darenth Fishing Complex in Kent offers a picturesque 60-acre area in the Darenth Valley, catering to both novice and seasoned anglers.

The site provides a clubhouse, a shop, and facilities, along with well-stocked lakes featuring carp, catfish, and more.

The complex enforces rules such as catch-and-release and restrictions on certain fishing equipment.

Darenth Fishing Complex

Darenth Fishing Complex, Hawley Road, Dartford, Kent, DA2 7RB

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Darenth Fishing Complex

About Darenth Fishing Complex

Darenth Fishing Complex in Kent is a large 60-acre area in the beautiful Darenth Valley. It’s a great spot for both beginner and experienced anglers. You’ll find a clubhouse serving hot and cold food, a shop for fishing gear and bait, and restrooms. The complex is known for its excellent fishing opportunities, with lakes stocked with big carp, catfish, and other fish. Remember to release all fish back into the lakes. Some rules to follow at Darenth Fishing Complex include no carp sacks, treble hooks, wire, dogs, fixed leads, keep nets, or floating baits. Enjoy a day of fishing in this lovely setting!