Kilthorpe Pools

Kilthorpe Pools in Rutland offers picturesque fishing lakes once used by monks for carp farming.

Anglers can catch mirror and common carp weighing over 40lb, with day tickets for £15.00 and 24-hour tickets for £30.00 at the long pool, while the specimen lake offers exceptional carp for £50.00.

On-site accommodation enhances the fishing experience.

Kilthorpe Pools

Kilthorpe Pools, Kilthorpe, Stamford, Rutland, PE9 3RL, United Kingdom

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Kilthorpe Pools

About Kilthorpe Pools

Kilthorpe Pools in Rutland is a beautiful fishing spot with two lakes that were once used by monks to farm carp. Today, these lakes are a great place for carp fishing.

The lakes have a variety of mirror and common carp, with some weighing over 40lb. There are also many carp weighing around 30lb, providing anglers with the chance to catch some impressive fish.

To fish at Kilthorpe Pools, you need to book in advance. The long pool allows a maximum of 5 anglers at a time and offers day tickets for £15.00. For longer fishing sessions, 24-hour tickets are available for £30.00.

The specimen lake has some exceptional carp, but it is more expensive at £50.00 for a 24-hour ticket. Fishing on this lake can be a memorable experience with the chance to catch some of the best carp in the area.

Accommodation is available on-site for added convenience, so you can fully enjoy your fishing trip without having to travel far.

Visit Kilthorpe Pools for a peaceful and historic fishing experience as you try to catch some impressive carp in these picturesque waters.