Betty’s Lake

Betty’s Lake in West Sussex offers fishing opportunities for £18.00 per day.

Visitors can use up to three fishing rods with staff approval and an additional £3.00 fee.

A valid fishing license is required, and tickets are non-refundable if fishing in other lakes on the property.

Enjoy fishing and conserving the environment at Betty’s Lake!

Betty’s Lake

Betty's Lake, Kerves Lane, Maplehurst, Horsham RH13 0PR, West Sussex, United Kingdom

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Betty’s LakeBetty’s Lake

About Betty’s Lake

Welcome to Betty’s Lake in West Sussex, where you can have a great day of fishing. The cost for a day ticket is £18.00 for everyone who wants to fish here. You can use up to three fishing rods, but you need to ask our staff first and pay an extra £3.00 if they approve.

If you buy a ticket for Betty’s Lake but want to fish in other lakes here, that’s fine. Just know that we won’t give you a refund for any price difference.

You need to have a valid fishing licence from the Environment Agency to fish here. This helps keep our fishing area healthy and protects the fish.

We hope you have a fun time fishing at Betty’s Lake and catch lots of fish!