Trout and Carp Fishing

Dorset Summerlands Farm Fishery in Hermitage offers trout and carp fishing experiences.

With a limit of 5 anglers at a time, booking in advance is necessary.

Fly fishing lessons are available, and aqua jets can be used for a river-like fishing environment at an additional cost.

Trout and Carp Fishing

Trout and Carp Fishing, Manor Farm, Long Bredy, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 7BB

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Trout and Carp Fishing

About Trout and Carp Fishing

Trout and Carp Fishing at Dorset Summerlands Farm Fishery is a great place to go fishing. It is located in the village of Hermitage, near Sherborne and Dorchester.

They only allow a maximum of 5 anglers at a time, so it’s important to book by phone before you go. If you need help with fly fishing, they can arrange for someone to teach you.

They have recently added aqua jets to the fly fishing lakes, so you can experience fishing in conditions similar to a river for an extra fee.