Hunstrete Lake

Hunstrete Lake in Avon is renowned for big carp fishing, with the biggest carp caught by the club on record.

Anglers can also find sizable tench, bream, roach, and pike in the lake.

The lake features 41 platforms for convenient fishing setups, making it an ideal destination for a successful angling experience.

Hunstrete Lake

Hunstrete Lake, Hunstrete, Pensford, Bristol, Avon, BS39 4NT, United Kingdom.

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Hunstrete LakeHunstrete Lake

About Hunstrete Lake

Hunstrete Lake in Avon is a great spot for fishing, especially if you’re looking to catch big carp. The lake covers nearly 5 acres and holds the record for the biggest carp caught by our club. Many anglers have caught their personal best carp here, with some weighing over 40lbs.

You can also find tench weighing between 4 and 6lbs, bream over 8lbs, and roach up to 1¾lbs in the lake. And if you’re interested in pike fishing, there are pike weighing up to 22lbs waiting for you.

There are 41 platforms around the lake where you can set up your gear comfortably for a successful day of fishing.