Porth Reservoir

Porth Reservoir in Cornwall is a picturesque lake surrounded by trees and lily pads, home to big carp like ‘Arnie’ and ‘Her Indoors’ weighing over 30lbs.

It offers excellent fishing opportunities for both competitions and leisure, with wheelchair accessible platforms available.

Booking a session can be done by contacting 01566 771930.

Porth Reservoir

Porth Reservoir, Porth, Cornwall TR8 4JS, United Kingdom

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Porth ReservoirPorth Reservoir

About Porth Reservoir

Porth Reservoir is a beautiful lake located near Newquay in Cornwall. It is surrounded by trees and has a lot of lily pads in the water. The lake is home to some big fish, including carp weighing up to 34lbs. Some of the famous fish in the lake are ‘Arnie’ and ‘Her Indoors’, which weigh over 30lbs. There are also a lot of carp weighing around 20lbs, and the average size of carp is 25lbs. Other fish in the lake include Rudd, bream, roach, pike, and perch.

Fishing at Porth Reservoir is great for both competitions and pleasure. People often catch up to 50lbs in matches. The lake also has wheelchair accessible platforms near the car park. To book a fishing session, you can contact 01566 771930.