River Fowey

The Fowey Rivers Association is dedicated to preserving the health of the River Fowey in Cornwall, a prime location for salmon and sea trout fishing.

However, challenges arise as a water company also utilizes the river for supplying water to Cornwall, impacting the fish and fishing activities.

River Fowey

River Fowey, Cornwall, PL14 6HT

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River Fowey

About River Fowey

The Fowey Rivers Association is a group of people who like to fish in the River Fowey in Cornwall. They want to make sure the river and its environment stay healthy. The river is a popular spot for catching salmon and sea trout. It is one of the few rivers in the area with a good amount of salmon.

Salmon and sea trout like to breed in the clean waters of Bodmin Moor. However, the river is also used by a water company to bring water to people in Cornwall. This can make things tricky for the fish and for people fishing for them. The water company releases water from reservoirs on Bodmin Moor to a treatment plant near the river, which can affect where the fish are and how we fish for them.