West Sedgemoor Drain

The West Sedgemoor Drain in Somerset is a picturesque fishing spot on the Somerset Levels, known for its shy but rewarding fish population.

Anglers can find big carp, pike, perch, roach, bream, and tench, among others.

Different fishing techniques and baits are recommended for optimal catches, making it a great fishing destination for beginners and experienced anglers alike.

West Sedgemoor Drain

West Sedgemoor Drain, Somerset, TA7 0, United Kingdom

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West Sedgemoor DrainWest Sedgemoor Drain

About West Sedgemoor Drain

The West Sedgemoor Drain in Somerset is a special place for fishing. It’s a beautiful spot on the Somerset Levels. The fish here are a bit shy, but if you learn how to fish here, it’s really worth it. People have spotted big carp weighing over 30 lbs and pike up to 20 lbs.

There are also lots of good perch here, with some weighing up to 4 lbs. If you use a light lure, you can have fun catching perch. Just remember that the water gets weedy in the summer, but it gets cleared out in September. The roach fishing here is great, especially if you use caster and hemp as bait.

If you’re after bream and tench, try using a pole or a waggler with chopped worm and corn. At the pumping station, there are three wooden platforms where you can fish from. You can park nearby and easily access these fishing spots. Whether you’re new to fishing or an expert, the West Sedgemoor Drain is a cool place to fish with a beautiful view.