Pavyotts Mill

Pavyotts Mill Fishery in Somerset has undergone significant improvements since May 2021, offering excellent carp fishing opportunities across several lakes, including one with carp weighing over 50lbs.

The secluded and peaceful fishing spots provide an enjoyable experience for carp fishing enthusiasts seeking relaxation and excitement.

Pavyotts Mill

Pavyotts Mill, South Cadbury, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 9HB, United Kingdom

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Pavyotts MillPavyotts MillPavyotts Mill

About Pavyotts Mill

Pavyotts Mill Fishery in Somerset has been improved a lot since May 2021. It’s now a great place for people who like to fish for carp. There are several lakes with different sizes of carp. The best lake has carp that weigh over 50lbs. The fishing spots are separate and quiet, so you can enjoy fishing without others bothering you.

At Pavyotts, the main focus is on carp fishing. People who love carp fishing come here for a relaxing and fun time. While it’s not guaranteed that you’ll catch a fish every time you go, the excitement of hearing the alarm go off when a fish bites is worth it. Catching a big carp is a great experience that you’ll remember.