The River Tone

The Keynsham Angling Association has access to fish in the Fast Stretch section of the River Tone in Somerset, known for its winter fishing opportunities for chub, dace, roach, trout, salmon, and pike.

The Hankridge area downstream offers good fishing in both winter and summer for roach, chub, trout, and pike.

The River Tone

The River Tone, Somerset, TA1 4, United Kingdom

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The River ToneThe River Tone

About The River Tone

The Keynsham Angling Association has permission to fish in the first part of the River Tone in Somerset. This part is called the “Fast Stretch” and goes from Firepool Lock to Bridgwater Road at Bathpool. Anglers like this area, especially in the winter, because it has good spots for catching fish like chub, dace, roach, trout, and sometimes salmon and pike.

Further down the river is another section called Hankridge. This part of the river is slower and deeper than the Fast Stretch but is still great for fishing. During the winter, it’s a good place to catch roach and chub. In the summer, anglers can try to catch big chub and trout here. People have also caught big pike in this area, making it a good place to fish all year round.