River Avon in Batheaston

Bathampton AA Waters in Batheaston, Somerset offers a picturesque and tranquil setting for anglers of all levels to enjoy fishing near Bath and Bristol.

With a dedicated team providing support, coaching sessions, and a welcoming environment, the fishery aims to create a fantastic fishing experience for all visitors.

River Avon in Batheaston

River Avon, Batheaston, Somerset, BA1 6, United Kingdom

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River Avon in Batheaston

About River Avon in Batheaston

Come and enjoy a fantastic fishing experience at Bathampton AA Waters in Batheaston, Somerset. Our fishery is located in a beautiful area near Bath and Bristol, providing a peaceful setting for anglers of all levels.

Our team of dedicated committee members are here to support you and ensure you have a great time fishing. Whether you’re new to fishing or have been doing it for years, Bathampton AA Waters welcomes everyone.

We offer personal coaching sessions on the lakes, so you can improve your skills and have even more fun while fishing. Our goal is to create a friendly and welcoming environment for all anglers to enjoy the beauty of Bath & Bristol while fishing.