Walton Pond

Walton Pond in Somerset is a serene fishing spot known for its abundance of carp, bream, roach, and perch.

It offers a peaceful environment surrounded by trees, making it an ideal location for anglers seeking a relaxing day by the water.

Walton Pond

Walton Pond, Walton, Street, Somerset, BA16 9.

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Walton PondWalton Pond

About Walton Pond

Walton Pond in Somerset is a beautiful pond surrounded by trees that is great for fishing. It’s a popular spot for catching carp, which are a type of fish that many people like to catch. You can also find bream, roach, and perch in the pond, so there are different kinds of fish you can try to catch. Whether you want to try to catch a carp or just enjoy a relaxing day of fishing, Walton Pond is a peaceful place to spend time by the water.