Chard reservoir

Chard Reservoir in Somerset is a large lake known for fishing opportunities, particularly for catching bream using ground bait and feeder tactics.

Carp fishing is popular in the upper woods area, with carp weighing up to 37lb.

The reservoir also attracts birdwatchers and walkers, but rules prohibit dogs on the shoreline or for overnight stays.

Chard reservoir

Chard Reservoir, Reservoir Road, Chard, Somerset, TA20 1FA

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Chard reservoirChard reservoirChard reservoir

About Chard reservoir

Chard Reservoir in Somerset is a big 48-acre lake where people like to go fishing. You can catch Carp, Bream, Roach, Tench, Perch, and Eels there. It’s known as a great place to catch bream, with some anglers catching over 100lb of fish. People often use ground bait and feeder tactics to catch bream. If you’re into carp fishing, you might have luck in the upper woods area using spodding techniques. The carp in the reservoir can weigh up to 37lb.

Besides fishing, the reservoir is also popular with bird watchers and people who like to go for walks. The water is full of fish like carp up to 37lb, bream up to 7lb, and lots of roach. Sometimes the reservoir might be closed when it’s windy, following the rules of the South Somerset District Council. And remember, dogs are not allowed on the shoreline or for overnight stays to keep the area peaceful for everyone.