Kingston Pools

Acorn Fishery’s carp lake in Somerset is a prime fishing destination, spanning 3.5 acres with 16 fishing spots.

The lake features diverse underwater elements and a variety of carp, including some weighing over 38lb.

Regular maintenance ensures the health of the fish population, making it an ideal spot for anglers seeking a rewarding fishing experience.

Kingston Pools

Kingston Pools, 58 Kingston Avenue, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, BS21 6XS

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Kingston PoolsKingston Pools

About Kingston Pools

The carp lake at Acorn Fishery in Somerset is a popular spot for fishing. It covers 3.5 acres and has 16 fishing spots. The lake has small islands and a big central island, making it great for fishing along the edges and different areas.

The lake has clay at the bottom and different features like bars, shelves, and open areas for fishing. In March 2019, the team at Acorn made improvements like cleaning the lake, fixing fishing spots, and getting new huts. These changes not only made the lake look better but also helped check on the health of the fish.

There are over 400 carp in the lake, ranging from 15lb to over 38lb. Most of the carp are in the mid to upper 20’s and 30’s. Anglers can expect to catch beautiful and strong carp during their fishing trips.

Every year, the lake is checked to make sure the fish are healthy. Any small carp or young fish are moved to smaller ponds to help the fish grow and keep the lake healthy.

With its well-maintained fish stock, beautiful setting, and ongoing improvements, Acorn Fishery’s carp lake is a great place for anglers looking for a fun fishing experience and the chance to catch big carp.