Barrow Lodge

Barrow Lodge in Somerset, known as ‘the Tanks’, offers three challenging yet beginner-friendly concrete reservoirs for fishing, considered among the best bank fishing spots in Bristol Water Fisheries.

With various fishing techniques, clear water, and trout attracted to the surface, it provides a welcoming and scenic angling environment where anglers can learn and improve their skills, supported by a friendly community of fellow fishing enthusiasts.

Barrow Lodge

Barrow Lodge, Barrow Lane, Barrow Gurney, Somerset, BS48 3RL, United Kingdom

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Barrow LodgeBarrow Lodge

About Barrow Lodge

Barrow Lodge in Somerset, also known as ‘the Tanks’, has three concrete bowl-shaped reservoirs that are great for fishing. These reservoirs are challenging but also good for beginners who want to improve their skills. They are considered some of the best bank fishing spots in Bristol Water Fisheries, with clear water and trout that like to rise to the surface.

You can fish in different ways at the Barrows. The sloping banks of two of the reservoirs are perfect for dry fly fishing from April to September, especially in the mornings and evenings. There are also places where you can use stick flies and other types of flies to catch fish. In the summer, you can try fishing with fry imitations to attract fish looking for food.

Trout like to patrol the deeper areas below the steep walls of the reservoirs. By using the right kind of bait and fishing line, you can try to catch these fish. No matter which way the wind is blowing, you can always find a good spot to fish at the Barrows. Just be careful because you can’t walk in the water, and the banks can be slippery.

The people who fish at the Barrows are friendly and helpful. They like to hang out together and are happy to give tips to new anglers. With its beautiful surroundings, different fishing options, and friendly atmosphere, the Barrows is a great place for anglers of all levels.