Dunwear Ponds

The Dunwear Ponds Complex in Somerset offers safe fishing opportunities at its four ponds, with added security measures like gates and locks.

The site includes amenities such as a toilet and hand washing facilities, as well as a secure car park.

Overall, it provides an improving and peaceful fishing experience.

Dunwear Ponds

Dunwear Ponds, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA9 4A

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Dunwear PondsDunwear Ponds

About Dunwear Ponds

The Dunwear Ponds Complex in Somerset has a long history of clay extraction for the Bridgwater Brick and Tile industries. There are four main ponds for fishing – the North, Senior, South, and Railway ponds. To make sure anglers are safe, all fishing spots are gated and fenced with locks.

There is a toilet with hand washing facilities on-site. The main car park off Dunwear Lane has plenty of space and is also locked for security.

The complex is getting better and better, making it a great place for fishing with peace of mind.