Screech Owl Ponds

Screech Owl Ponds in Somerset managed by Bridgwater AA offer a unique fishing experience with shallow ponds surrounded by reeds.

With limited space for fishing in the main ponds, a 1.5-acre pond provides full access.

Clear waters house various fish like tench, bream, roach, rudd, and occasionally carp, making it a peaceful and rewarding fishing destination.

Screech Owl Ponds

Screech Owl Ponds, Somerset, TA6 5XX

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Screech Owl PondsScreech Owl Ponds

About Screech Owl Ponds

Screech Owl Ponds in Somerset are managed by Bridgwater AA and provide a special fishing experience. The ponds are not very deep and have banks lined with reeds and rushes. The main ponds are 3.5 acres in size and have limited space for fishing, but there is also a 1.5-acre pond where you can fish all around the edges.

Even though it might be a bit tricky to get to some of the other pools, they add variety to the fishing experience. The water in Screech Owl Ponds is clear and home to tench weighing up to 4lb, bream up to 3lb, roach and rudd up to 1lb, and sometimes you might even find carp.

If you’re looking for a quiet and rewarding fishing spot, Screech Owl Ponds are a unique option in the Bridgwater AA collection.