Arena Lake

Larford Lakes in Worcestershire is a picturesque fishing spot with three lakes and access to the River Severn.

It offers a variety of fish and is popular among pleasure and match anglers for its competitive matches and abundant fishing opportunities.

The well-kept surroundings make it a peaceful and enjoyable fishing destination for all anglers.

Arena Lake

Arena Lake, Stourport Rd, Kidderminster DY13 0SQ, United Kingdom

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Arena LakeArena Lake

About Arena Lake

Larford Lakes in Worcestershire is a popular spot for anglers. It has three lakes – the Specimen, Match, and Arena lakes, as well as fishing on the River Severn. There are lots of spots to fish, with 190 pegs across the lakes and 80 more on the river.

One thing that makes Larford Lakes special is the beautiful surroundings. It’s not just about catching fish, but also enjoying the peaceful environment. The fishery is well-kept and offers a great place to relax and fish.

Larford Lakes is known for its variety of fish, including carp, roach, and skimmers. It’s a great place for pleasure anglers because there are lots of fish to catch, keeping you entertained all day. It’s also popular with match anglers, with competitions held regularly. The matches are competitive, and some anglers catch over 250lbs of fish in a single match.

Overall, Larford Lakes is a great place for all types of anglers to enjoy fishing in a beautiful setting.