Crayfish Farm

Crayfish Farm in Berkshire has seen an increase in fish catches, including carp from Sutton strain and Fishers Pond.

The fish are reaching weights of 19-20 pounds, with some exceeding 20 pounds.

The venue is secluded, with original fish remaining in the pool, making for a peaceful fishing experience.

Crayfish Farm

Crayfish Farm, Horton Road, Colnbrook, Berkshire, SL3 9PR

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Crayfish Farm

About Crayfish Farm

Crayfish Farm in Berkshire is a small, quiet fishing spot that is starting to see more fish being caught. Around 30 carp have been added to the pool, including some from Fishers Pond and others from our own Sutton strain. The Sutton carp are now being caught at weights between 19 and 20 pounds, while the Fishers Pond fish are mostly good doubles, with some weighing just over 20 pounds. Some of the original fish are still in the pool, and they can be tricky to catch. The venue is very secluded, and a good tip for fishing here is to be careful when fishing near the edges of the pool, as many fish are caught close to shore. Overall, Crayfish Farm is a great spot to spend some time fishing and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.