Hungerford Lake

Hungerford Lake in Berkshire offers excellent fishing opportunities with a variety of features ideal for different fishing styles.

Carp ranging from 1lb to 20lb are abundant, and the lake is well-suited for both leisure and match fishing.

Despite seasonal fluctuations, the lake’s proximity to amenities makes it a convenient and picturesque fishing destination.

Hungerford Lake

Hungerford Lake, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 0UN, United Kingdom

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Hungerford LakeHungerford Lake

About Hungerford Lake

Hungerford Lake in Berkshire is a great spot for fishing. The lake is two acres in size and has a variety of features like an island, reeds, and lilies that make it perfect for different fishing styles. In the summer, you can expect to catch a lot of fish with almost every cast.

Most of the fish in Hungerford Lake are carp, ranging from 1lb to 20lb. The lake is well stocked with carp and it is common to catch big weights during matches. There are platforms for fishing and plenty of space between spots.

The lake is also home to a lot of wildlife and birds, making it a beautiful place to fish. You can try different fishing techniques like stalking, margin fishing, waggler, pole, or feeder fishing. Hungerford Lake is perfect for short sessions or match fishing.

Even though fishing slows down in the colder months, you can still catch good amounts of fish. The lake is close to facilities and toilets, making it convenient for anglers.