Charltons Ponds

Charltons Ponds in Durham offers two lakes for fishing: Small Pond with wheelchair-accessible spots and a variety of fish, and Large Pond with opportunities for both casual and serious anglers, including large carp and other species.

Both ponds provide a scenic and inclusive environment for anglers of all levels.

Charltons Ponds

Charltons Ponds, Charltons Industrial Estate, Billingham, Durham, TS23 4BL, United Kingdom

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Charltons Ponds

About Charltons Ponds

Charltons Ponds in Durham is a great place for fishing. There are two lakes surrounded by beautiful woodland. The Small Pond has 22 spots for fishing, with paths all around for easy access. Some spots are wheelchair accessible. You can catch carp, crucian carp, roach, rudd, ide, perch, tench, bream, and gudgeon here. It’s perfect for all levels of anglers, and there are junior matches on Saturday mornings in the summer. The best weight caught in a senior event was 54lb in a 3-hour evening match.

The Large Pond is six acres and is great for both casual and serious anglers. You can catch carp up to 30lb, bream up to 9lb, and tench up to 7lb using different methods and baits. In the summer, you can catch lots of fish close to the shore. The pond is also starting to have more silvers.