Sweethope Adventure

Sweethope Adventure offers excellent fishing opportunities in Northumberland with Chris as the fishery manager.

The site has a large still water with rainbow trout, blue trout, and soon-to-be brown trout, as well as two loughs with boat rentals.

Pike fishing is permitted from November to March, with specific rules in place to ensure responsible angling practices and fish conservation.

Sweethope Adventure

Sweethope Adventure, Sweethope Lough, Kirkwhelpington, Northumberland, NE19 2PN, United Kingdom

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Sweethope AdventureSweethope Adventure

About Sweethope Adventure

Sweethope Adventure in Northumberland is a great place for fishing, with Chris as the fishery manager. He will welcome you with a cup of tea and can help with any questions or concerns you have. Sweethope has a large still water with big rainbow trout, blue trout, and soon to be brown trout. There are two loughs, one big and one small, with plenty of boats available for hire.

The pike fishing season at Sweethope runs from November to March. If you’re not fishing for pike, be respectful of those who are and let them fish in peace. There are rules to follow, such as using appropriate tackle, having the right unhooking equipment, and using barbless single hooks. Live bait and sacks are not allowed, and all fish must be returned to the water immediately after capture.

If you’re fishing for pike, make sure you have the right gear and follow the rules for hooks and lines. Always strike immediately when you get a bite, and be careful when handling and releasing the fish. Support the fish properly when weighing or taking photos, and always give them time to recover before releasing them back into the water. Enjoy your fishing experience at Sweethope!