Pool House Farm Fishery

Pool House Farm Fishery in Staffordshire offers a serene fishing experience in a 300-year-old clay pit setting.

With accessible spots for all visitors, including those with disabilities, the fishery is home to a variety of fish such as carp and silver fish.

Whether an experienced angler or a beginner, it’s a welcoming place to enjoy fishing and nature.

Pool House Farm Fishery

Pool House Farm Fishery, Pool House Lane, Bonehill, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B78 2BA

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Pool House Farm FisheryPool House Farm FisheryPool House Farm Fishery

About Pool House Farm Fishery

Welcome to Pool House Farm Fishery in Staffordshire. It’s a lovely place to go fishing, set in the grounds of a 300-year-old clay pit. There are lots of different spots to fish from, including ones that are easy for people with disabilities to use. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the peaceful setting and catch some fish.

The fishery has a variety of fish, with carp being a popular choice. You can try to catch carp that weigh up to 30lbs, which can be a fun challenge. There are also plenty of silver fish to catch, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, Pool House Farm Fishery is a friendly place to fish. You can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while trying to reel in some fish. It’s a great place to have a memorable fishing experience.