Trentham Estate

Trentham Estate in Staffordshire features the Rivers of Grass garden by Piet Oudolf, showcasing changing seasons through carefully selected plants.

Visitors can immerse themselves in nature, surrounded by vibrant landscapes.

The estate also offers a serene lakeside area with picnic spots, providing a peaceful retreat to connect with nature and relax.

Trentham Estate

Trentham Estate, Stone Road, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 8JG, United Kingdom

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Trentham EstateTrentham Estate

About Trentham Estate

Trentham Estate in Staffordshire has a beautiful garden called Rivers of Grass designed by Piet Oudolf. The garden has carefully chosen grasses and plants that change with the seasons, creating a colorful and textured landscape. Visitors can walk through the garden and feel close to nature, surrounded by the flowing shapes of the plants. The garden is a peaceful and sensory experience that shows the connection between humans and the natural world.

Besides the stunning garden, Trentham Estate also has a calm lakeside area where visitors can relax. There are picnic benches along the lakeside paths, perfect for enjoying a picnic with a view. The tranquil atmosphere and beautiful scenery offer a peaceful escape from everyday life, allowing visitors to appreciate nature and find comfort in the peaceful setting of Trentham Estate.