The River Rother

The River Rother in East Sussex is home to a diverse range of fish and offers accessible fishing opportunities through the Rother Fishery Association.

From chub and roach to trout and mullet, anglers can enjoy a variety of fishing methods along the river’s changing width and depth, with convenient access points for all skill levels.

The River Rother

The River Rother, East Sussex, TN32 5, United Kingdom

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The River Rother

About The River Rother

The River Rother in East Sussex is part of the Rother Fishery Association. This group was founded in 1872 and consists of over twenty local Angling Clubs. They work together to provide affordable and accessible fishing opportunities in the Kent and East Sussex area. You can easily spot their fishing spots by looking for green RFA signs.

The River Rother is a shallow and fast-flowing river that twists and turns as it flows. It is home to a variety of fish such as chub, dace, roach, and sometimes trout. In certain areas, you may even find sea trout and mullet.

Above Bodiam, the river is narrow, sometimes only 25 feet wide. This is where you’ll find chub, roach, dace, and the occasional sea trout. Anglers often use bait like meat, bread-flake, maggots, and worms to catch fish here.

As you move downstream, the river widens to about 25 yards in some places and can reach depths of up to ten feet. All types of fish can be caught here, including carp and pike. The most popular fishing methods are pole fishing, float fishing, and using a feeder. After heavy rain, the river may become too fast and difficult to fish in, but it usually settles down quickly.

There are many access points along the river, some of which require little walking to reach the water’s edge. In the lower reaches, the banks are flat and treeless, making it easier to fish. Whether you prefer a quick and easy fishing spot or are up for a challenge, the River Rother has something for everyone.