Three Ponds Holiday Park

Three Ponds Holiday Park in East Sussex offers a peaceful and tranquil setting for a relaxing getaway in the South Downs.

The family-run park prioritizes conservation efforts and harmony with nature.

Stay updated on park events and activities by following their Facebook page and visit their website for more information.

Three Ponds Holiday Park

Three Ponds Holiday Park, Three Ponds Holiday Park, BN9 0TP, Peacehaven, East Sussex, United Kingdom

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Three Ponds Holiday Park

About Three Ponds Holiday Park

Welcome to the Three Ponds Holiday Park in East Sussex! We are a small family-run business located in the beautiful South Downs. Our park is known for its peaceful and tranquil setting, perfect for a relaxing getaway. We take pride in our conservation efforts and strive to maintain a harmonious relationship with nature. Follow our Facebook page for updates on events and activities happening at the park, as well as to see some of our amazing photos. For more detailed information about Three Ponds Holiday Park, visit our website at