Masons Lake

Darenth fishing complex in East Sussex has strict rules such as requiring a valid rod license, restricting the number of rods, and prohibiting wire-traces and trebles.

No dogs or surface fishing are allowed.

The complex offers 9 day ticket lakes with various species, and visitors can find detailed information on each lake through photo albums on their page.

Contact Nigel for more information.

Masons Lake

Masons Lake, East Sussex, BN8 4, United Kingdom

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Masons Lake

About Masons Lake

Welcome to Darenth fishing complex in East Sussex. Here are some rules to follow when fishing here:

1. Make sure you have a valid rod licence and only fish with the number of rods allowed.
2. Clean up after yourself and take all rubbish home with you.
3. No wire-traces or trebles allowed.
4. No dogs are allowed on the premises.
5. Surface fishing is not permitted.

We have 9 day ticket lakes available for fishing, each offering a variety of different species. For more information on each lake, check out the photo albums on our page. You can find prices, species available, and the latest catch results in the album descriptions.

If you need more information, you can contact our bailiff Nigel at 07864955012. You can also visit our website for updates: