Lowbell Lane

Lowbell Lane in Hertfordshire offers great fishing opportunities at its lake, where anglers can catch a variety of fish using float tactics and various baits.

The lake holds Roach, carp, crucians, tench, bream, and more.

Trout fishing is allowed during the closed season, with matches and facilities available for visitors.

Lowbell Lane

Lowbell Lane, Hertfordshire, AL1 1, United Kingdom

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Lowbell Lane

About Lowbell Lane

Lowbell Lane in Hertfordshire has a lake that is great for fishing. You can use simple float tactics in the shallow parts of the lake to catch some good fish. When it’s crowded, try using a long pole, waggler, or small bomb. Good baits to use include pellet, hemp, caster, maggot, worm, paste, corn, and meat.

In recent years, people have reported catching Roach over 2lb, carp over 20lb, crucians over 3lb, tench and bream over 5lb, as well as rudd, perch, gudgeon, and possibly even some catfish. You can also fish for trout during the closed season for coarse fishing, but any trout caught during this time must be released unharmed.

Matches are held at this lake, with the best recorded weights being 55lb in five hours and 35lb in three hours. In 2002, a club house and toilet block were added for visitors to use.